Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Online Textbook Resources

Since we only have a class set of textbooks, you can still access class content on the publisher’s textbook webpage. There are some great resources on this site like audio versions of our text, extra activities, and links to cool stuff that relates to the texts or authors we read. Be sure to use this resource at home!

Username: Heck9th
Password: password
Security Question: panthers

Username: Heck11th
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Freshmen Vocab Resource

To get further practice for  your vocabulary or to access the vocab list at home, check out this awesome textbook-sponsored website! There are games for you to play, practice test questions, and other activities that you can practice using your vocab words to become more familiar with the terms before your quizzes every other Friday. To see all the dates of vocab quizzes for the semester, please click “Read More” below.

Vocabulary Quiz Dates (Subject to Change)

1st Quarter
Aug 29
Sep 12
Sep 26
Oct 10

2nd Quarter
Oct 24
Nov 7
Nov 21
Dec 12


Today, we learned that the Declaration is now thought to have been performed to the people of Revolutionary America. After looking at the rhetorical SOAPS, the Declaration indeed seems to be an escalation of problems and wrongdoings by King George to convince the new nation to fight and secede from the Motherland, Great Britain. Below is the video reenacting the Declaration with many familiar faces from our modern Hollywood Era.