Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Shakespeare Links

You will have today's class period ONLY to complete this assignment. PLEASE WORK DILIGENTLY!

I have gathered together several websites that have information about Shakespeare or his times. Use these websites to finish filling out your information guide to Shakespeare.

After you have completed the background information on Shakespeare, please choose one of the quotes after the jump. You will research how this quote is used in modern times by checking on The New York Times website for current articles that still use Shakespeare's words today. 

List of Shakespeare FAMOUS Quotes after the jump!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Infinite Campus is DOWN

Dear Parents,

With progress reports coming out tomorrow, our online grading program, Infinite Campus, has been in and out all day. Sadly, this means that all the grades I entered for your children were lost in the server shut down. :( I am still trying to enter as many grades as possible,  but it is highly likely that your child's progress report will be incorrect.

I will issue detailed progress reports for my class once the system is complete and I have another planning period to re-enter their scores.

Thank you for your understanding,
Mrs. Heck